Wipro Safewash Liquid Detergent (1+1 Free)

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Wipro Safewash Liquid Detergent gently washes woolens, delicates and fine fabrics which keeps them looking and feeling like new for long. Winter wear being thick and porous is more likely to attract germs than other cloths. Wipro Safewash has an advanced formulation enriched with goodness of Neem to give your family’s winter garments the advantage of germ-free* protection.

It prevents clothes from shrinking, protects colour and shine, thus keeping them soft and fluffy. This helps the clothes to look and feel like new. It can be used either for bucket wash or for machine wash.


Washing Instructions:

Bucket Wash: Pour a cap of Safewash in a bucket of water, and soak your clothes for 5 mins. Remove and dry them. Don't rinse the clothes again.

Semi-Automatic: Wash your clothes with detergent as usual. Pour 1 cap of Safewash in machine tub in clean water during the last rinse cycle.

Front Load: Pour 1 cap of Safewash in the softener/conditioner compartment at the same time as you add detergent.

Top Load: If your machine has a softener compartment, pour 1 cap of Safewash at the start of a wash cycle. Otherwise, pour 1 cap of Safewash in machine tub during the last rinse cycle. Add a small step of Safewash detergent to your regular laundry routine and experience unbelievable shine, visible softness and freshness.